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Podcast Episodes

What Is Occultism? Part 1: The Definition

We hear so much about it in the Truth Community, but everywhere else it’s hidden. What is occultism really about? Do we know enough about it even in the Truth Community?

What Are Dreams?

They seem random, yet sometimes they are definitely not so random at all.

What Is the Trinity and Does It Exist?

Most Christians believe that God exists as three persons but is that true? Not all Christians believe that.

What Are Programs?

Why does it seem like the same things are happening over and over again?

What Is Esotericism and Exotericism?

Are there secrets in the Bible? Is it occultism to study them? Is esotericism and occultism the same? What kind of approaches are there to teaching and learning theology and what's allowed?

Is a One World Religion and Syncretism Allowed?

Is there a one world religion? Is interfaith and syncretism allowed?

Is the Old Covenant/Testament Still Valid?

How should Christians (the followers of the New Covenant) approach the Old Covenant/Testament? There never seems to be a clear answer.

What/When Is the Sabbath?

In almost all Christian denominations Sunday is considered to be the day for resting, but some are like Jewish and Talmudic denominations consider Saturday to be the day for resting. What is the right day for resting?

What Is Heresy?

Mainstream Christians like to call others “heretics” but what does this word really mean?

What Is the Truth Community? Yehoshua (a.k.a. Jesus) Was a Truther!

We have all heard of these so-called “conspiracy theorists” and online communities that are devoted to “conspiracies”, but what is going on? Is there more behind it? Why are big tech companies imposing censorship on them?

What Is Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy?

We have all heard about orthodoxy in the West, but does it make sense? Outside of the West, people tend to be orthoprax but what is it exactly? What is the correct approach to religion?

Which Religion (If Any) Is True?

Is there any religion that is true? If so, which one and what does it mean for you?

What Is Karma?

What is the reason behind human suffering? Does the Bible explain it?

What Is Reincarnation and Incarnation?

Does rebirth, reincarnation, incarnation, previous lives or anything like that exist?

What Are Demons?

Do they exist? Are they evil spirits? Are they also aliens/ETs/UFOs? All major religions talk about them, including Judaism/Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism.

What Is the New World Order?

Claimed to be a “conspiracy theory” but the “New World Order” is in fact not a secret – or at least, becoming less of a secret.

The Void

Often overlooked, mystic Manuel Miloslavia talks about the importance of having a relationship with the void.